Christopher Plantin, and the Plantin-Moretus Museum at Antwerp

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The Esmerian copy of Plantins exceptionally rare first miniature book. His descendants maintained the press until 1875 when the Antwerp municipality transformed it into the presentday PlantinMoretus Museum . found Wikipedia 30 January 2019 Plantin Press Antwerp Christopher Plantin founded the press having fled Paris for Antwerp where he at first bound books after becoming a citizen he began printing in 1555 he took on an assistant Jan Moretus who became his business manger soninlaw and eventually his successor Platins successors continued to print at Antwerp .

Antwerp Museum

All was religiously preserved however and in 1876 the city of Antwerp acquired the buildings and their contents and created the PlantinMoretus Museum. 161316 or some years after the death of Moretus. This weekend the PlantinMoretus Museum in Antwerp will celebrate the 500th anniversary of its founders birth. The Museum Plantin Moretus is aproximately a mile or 1.7 km walk from Antwerpen Centraal Station. Youth and marriagePlantin was born in SaintAvertin a hamlet in the region of Tours in France in about 1520. The museum that is dedicated to the PlantinMoretus printing dynasty has been brought into . The PlantinMoretus Museum is the only museum in the world on the UNESCO World Heritage list a testament to its importance to the collective interest of humanity. Antwerp Christopher Plantin 1570. Through the publications of the Officina Plantiniana the PlantinMoretus . Hansebooks is editor of the literature on different topic . Christopher Plantin started collecting biblical. 32 03 221 14 50 . Two of Christophe Plantins sonsinlaw.

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